Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackcon Died, Google very busy

Michael Jaskson just died. During his life, full of sensation, even when a new die.
Yesterday some visitors flooded the site because the search for more information about the rockstar Michael Jaskson.
Netter busy Googling or searching for information from the site search engine Google.
Google said to the BBC, millions of people find the name of Michael Jaskson in a matter of minutes each. Even search engines have had errors.
Twitter is also a problem, suddenly appeared 65 thousand names Michael Jaskson. Wikipedia also affected, when the fans Michael Jaskson find most new news there.
Akamai as the time for the site also experienced big hikes sudden, up to 20% said the site Akamai. At the iTunes site as a music seller for Apple also enter the name of Michael Jaskson. From the top 100 songs, there are 4 names Michael Jaskson the entry list

Site not only large sites, news sites are also flooded search news over the death of Michael Jaskson. Such as AOL, CBSN, CNN, MSNBC and Yahoo when it had broken the news Jaskson Michael died.

Because Michael Jackson has been signed in islam I say innalilahi'wainalilaihi rojiun


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